How Many Gardeners Keep Monty Don’s Garden in Bloom?

how many gardeners work for monty don

Meet the Team: Monty Don’s Gardeners

Monty Don, the legendary British gardener and television personality, is known for his stunning gardens featured in his popular BBC show “Gardeners’ World.” Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of gardeners work tirelessly to maintain and cultivate Monty’s horticultural haven. But just how many gardeners make up this green-thumbed crew?

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Monty Don’s garden and uncover the number of gardeners responsible for its year-round beauty. We’ll also explore their roles, responsibilities, and the unique challenges of working in one of the most famous gardens in the world.

The Inner Circle: Monty’s Head Gardeners

At the helm of Monty’s gardening team are two highly experienced head gardeners: Mark Diacono and Fergus Garrett. Mark has been with Monty for over 20 years and is responsible for the overall design and management of the garden. Fergus, on the other hand, joined the team in 2011 and specializes in the propagation and care of plants.

Together, Mark and Fergus provide Monty with invaluable expertise and support, ensuring that his garden remains a vibrant and thriving oasis.

Assistant Head Gardeners: The Next Generation

Supporting Mark and Fergus are two assistant head gardeners: Graham Gough and Jonathan Muscat. Graham has been working at Longmeadow for over 15 years and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the garden, including the maintenance of the greenhouses and propagation areas.

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Jonathan Muscat is one of the newer members of the team, having joined in 2023. He brings a wealth of knowledge in plant conservation and sustainable gardening practices.

Gardeners: The Backbone of Monty’s Garden

The majority of Monty’s gardeners are skilled and experienced in a wide range of horticultural disciplines. They are responsible for the day-to-day care of the garden, including planting, weeding, harvesting, and pest control.

The gardeners also play a vital role in the design and implementation of new planting schemes, ensuring that the garden evolves and adapts to the changing seasons.

Apprentices: Nurturing the Future of Gardening

Recognizing the importance of passing on horticultural knowledge, Monty employs several apprentices who are eager to learn the art of gardening. These apprentices work alongside the experienced gardeners, gaining hands-on experience in all aspects of garden management.

The apprentices bring fresh enthusiasm and new ideas to the team, ensuring that the future of Monty’s garden is in safe hands.

So, How Many Gardeners Work for Monty Don?

In total, Monty Don employs a team of eight full-time gardeners, including two head gardeners, two assistant head gardeners, four gardeners, and two apprentices. This dedicated team works year-round to ensure that Monty’s garden continues to inspire and delight gardeners around the world.


The gardens at Longmeadow are a testament to the hard work and dedication of Monty Don’s team of gardeners. Each member of the team brings their own unique skills and expertise, contributing to the overall success and beauty of Monty’s horticultural paradise.

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