Where’s Gardening Australia: Uncover the Green Haven of TV’s Beloved Show

where is gardening australia

Welcome, fellow gardening enthusiasts! If you’re yearning to uncover the secret garden that hosts the beloved TV show, Gardening Australia, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll embark on a horticultural pilgrimage to discover the show’s enchanting filming location.

Gardening Australia, with its vibrant hosts and inspiring gardening tips, has captivated green thumbs across the nation. Its charming sets and stunning gardens have long been a source of envy and wonder. So, without further ado, let’s venture into the green oasis where gardening dreams come to life.

Delve into the Heart of Gardening Australia: The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens History

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, established in 1846, is a sprawling green paradise that sprawls across 94 acres of botanical bliss. It’s the oldest botanic garden in Australia, and its rich history is intertwined with the nation’s horticultural heritage. The gardens are home to over 8,500 plant species, from native Australian wonders to exotic blooms from around the globe.

Where in the Gardens: Filming Locations

Within the vast expanse of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, the Gardening Australia team has found their perfect filming location: The Guilfoyle’s Volcano. This iconic landmark, built in the 1870s, serves as the backdrop for the show’s garden beds and outdoor segments. Its unique architectural features and lush surroundings provide a stunning backdrop for gardening inspiration.

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Plant Highlights: A Botanical Extravaganza

As you explore the gardens where Gardening Australia is filmed, be sure to marvel at the diverse plant life that surrounds you. From towering trees to delicate wildflowers, the gardens offer a botanical smorgasbord that will delight and inspire. Don’t miss the majestic Giant Red Gum, a towering eucalyptus that has stood tall for over 400 years, or the vibrant Rhododendron Garden, which bursts into color each spring.

Exploring the Inner Sanctum: The Studio Gardens

Designing the Gardens

In addition to the picturesque outdoor sets, Gardening Australia also has a dedicated studio garden where they film segments on indoor gardening, container gardening, and other specialized topics. These gardens are meticulously designed to showcase a wide range of plants and gardening techniques, providing viewers with practical tips and inspiration for their own gardening endeavors.

Behind-the-Scenes at the Studio Gardens

If you’re lucky enough to visit the Gardening Australia studio gardens, you’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes of the show’s production. You might even catch a glimpse of the show’s hosts, Costa Georgiadis, Sophie Thomson, and Jerry Coleby-Williams, as they work their gardening magic.

Garden Highlights: Horticultural Masterpieces

The studio gardens are a treasure trove of horticultural delights. From the lush veggie patch to the fragrant herb garden, every corner offers a lesson in plant care and design. Be sure to admire the stunning display of orchids, which includes a wide variety of species and hybrids.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Plant Nursery

The Nursery: A Plant Paradise

As part of the Gardening Australia filming location, the show’s crew has access to a fully stocked plant nursery. This horticultural haven is where the team sources the plants used in their garden designs and experiments. Here, you’ll find a vast selection of plants, from seedlings to mature specimens, all ready to find their place in the show’s gardens or the homes of viewers.

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Plant Propagation Techniques

Within the nursery, the Gardening Australia team demonstrates various plant propagation techniques, from seed sowing to cuttings and grafting. These segments are a valuable resource for gardeners of all levels, providing expert guidance on how to propagate their own plants.

Plant Selection Tips

The plant nursery is also a great place to seek advice on plant selection. The knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right plants for your climate and growing conditions, ensuring success in your own gardening endeavors.

Venturing Beyond the Gardens: Filming on the Road

Exploring Australia’s Diverse Landscapes

While the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is the primary filming location for Gardening Australia, the show also ventures beyond these lush grounds to showcase the diverse gardening landscapes of Australia. From arid deserts to tropical rainforests, the show’s crew travels the country to bring viewers a glimpse of the unique challenges and rewards of gardening in different environments.

Unveiling Hidden Horticultural Gems

Through its on-the-road segments, Gardening Australia unveils hidden horticultural gems that would otherwise go unnoticed. The show’s hosts visit backyard gardens, community gardens, and public spaces, highlighting the creativity and passion of gardeners across the nation.

Spreading the Gardening Gospel

By filming in different locations, Gardening Australia not only showcases the beauty and diversity of Australian gardening, but it also spreads the gardening gospel to a wider audience. The show’s mission is to inspire and educate gardeners of all levels, promoting the joys and benefits of connecting with nature through gardening.

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